Established in 2016, Moth and Rabbit Perfumes is a Berlin and Paris based Contemporary Experimental Perfumery that uses scent to stimulate our fine senses and challenge the boundaries of perception and the intersection of our senses, our emotions and our intellect so that we never lose our ability to be amazed.

Under the direction of Elke Filpes and SeongNam Choi, Moth and Rabbit Perfumes issue various series of olfactive products, that expand the manner in which scents are perceived or experienced. It is an exploration of dismantling, creation and materialising stories around the role experience of the human being in the modern society. A new way of perceiving fragrances in the era of the 21st century.
By using visual, auditory and tactile prompts alongside the entire process, the stories around the modern human being are told through a multiscensory experience; Perfume stories which are like bombs exploding in reverse, thoughts ideas, fragments of images, shards of memory, like shrapnels, all come back and are forced back out in a cruel pastiche of experience.