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EUR 139.00

Top Notes: Angelique Root, Peach, Green Notes, Freesia, Davana
Heart Notes: Osmanthus Abs., Jasmin, Leather, Cereal Note, Hot Soft Skin Note  Foundation Notes: Shoe Polish Note, Soft Animal Note, Musk, Heliotrope, Cedarwood Virginie, Sandalwood, Amber

eau de parfum - e 50 ml - 1.7 FL oz

» I wanted to get the sensuality of the film in this fragrance - very feminine oriented. The idea was to get this soft sensual odour. Very musky, clean with a slight touch of shoe polish (bubble scene, waxing). There‘s something fruity in it that gives the scent a sensual warm sex feeling. The lingerie, the underwear... There‘s something silky, cool and smooth in it!  « MARK BUXTON